Solar Power for Homes & Businesses in Kenya

Sisu Technology has years of experience as a leader and innovator in the Kenyan solar space, making us one of the top solar companies in Kenya. Our varied expertise includes all major components of solar power systems and solutions.  We design, supply and install solar energy systems for homes, businesses Ngos and Government institutions. We have a team of licensed solar engineers as well as robust sales and marketing team which is supported by an experienced customer relation team. We source premium products from Europe as well as Asia and have a product range that has been tried, tested and improved over a long period of time.

High Quality Products

Our combination of high-quality products, exceptional local customer service and responsive after-sales team guarantee you a stress-free experience that will not only save you money but keep you out of darkness and entertained. Yes, we have solar-powered digital TVs! How about that? To top that, all our products are available to buy online in different packages to suit every pocket. Speak with us today and let us help you turn your energy from ‘a cost that needs to be managed’ to an ‘asset’ that delivers competitive advantage and energy independence.

Commercial and Industrial Solutions

We provide industrial and commercial solar power solutions with quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. As a property owner, the price of energy is a substantial element in your monthly running costs, and as grid electricity is consistently increasing in price, most owners are looking for alternatives. Whether you are running a factory, a hotel or a block of offices, solar energy can help you reduce your expenses by a wide margin. Besides saving money, its reliable and green, meaning no more power cuts and a much greener profile for your asset.

Our Comprehensive Service

As a leader in solar energy solutions in Kenya, we know solutions aren’t realized without a plan. That’s why our comprehensive service begins with project planning. Our clients’ unique energy goals and project funding levels necessitate a customized approach to each system designed, and project planning is streamlined with our wealth of experience. We have four steps in our process: 1. Survey 2. Design 3. Installation and 4. Maintenance