Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Batteries are an integral part of any alternative energy system, storing the energy necessary later to run your lights, TV and other loads and appliances. Unlike car batteries these “solar” or “deep cycle” batteries are used where charging and discharging occurs daily. We offer a variety of solar battery options delivered to you at any location in Kenya.

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General Specifications

Main Applications:Solar / Off grid , Power supply for remote off grid applications and isolated power networks, drinking water supply system, Healthcare facilities. – Telecommunications – Traffic systems and lighting

  • Catergory: Stand Alone,On-grid ,Off-grid
  • Nominal voltage: 2-512v
  • Technology: AGM,VRLA
  • Nominal capacity:4340Ah
  • Maximum Length: 308mm
  • Maximum Width: 508mm
  • Maximum Height: 815mm
  • Weight:19-246Kgs

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