About Us

Who We Are

Sisu Technology Limited is an Engineering Company that specializes in the Supply and Sell of renewable energy solutions. We have designed, sourced, supplied, and installed solar energy solutions in different counties across Kenya. We have also established good support and supply chain relation with leading global brands. You may be a single site business or multinational company, come from the private or public sector, or be based in the heart of Nairobi or the most remote rural location like Turkana. Whether your objective is to reduce your carbon footprint, drive down energy costs or secure a reliable energy supply, we will work with you to find your ideal renewable energy solution.

Our vision is to be the best solar energy provider in Kenya. Being the best means having a competent, high-performance team of certified solar installers and professional designers and achieving a 100% success rate in all projects undertaken in a calendar year.

We are a one-stop shop solution for all your energy needs.

Sisu Technology Limited was founded on the principles of making solar energy affordable and accessible for everyone in Kenya. Being in the industry for almost two decades, we have the knowledge, expertise and the resources to come up with specially designed energy solutions for you.

We the team at Sisu Technology always strive to provide clean and green energy to all our clients. We always aims to deliver best service & quality products at reasonable price. Our team is available round the clock for your service. Turn up the brightness and turn up the solar power is the main aim of our company. Last but not the least we assure you the reduction in your monthly electricity bills and even helping to save the environment. Thanks for your support looking forward to provide you our service.

Enjoy great benefits, value for your money